• Non GDPR compliant agencies are a legal risk to their clients

    Non GDPR compliant agencies are a legal risk to their clients

    If you haven’t heard of GDPR, where have you been…., I want your life!

    For the rest of us it is probably the biggest issue affecting high rights at the moment and definitely the biggest issue to affect marketing since the advent of the internet.

    To me, it feels a little bit like human rights vs marketing.

    So I recently made the trip in to the heart of the legislation and attended a workshop at the Institute of Direct Marketing, just off Oxford Circus in London. My second workshop in as many months.

    Firstly, credit is due to the speaker Duncan Smith, huge knowledge and charisma, a rare combination indeed.

    So what did I learn?

    • That I am already well versed in this legislation and Crush is well on the way to being compliant
    • That it is a serious issue. I hadn’t fully made the connection between data protection and human rights before. It is there and that makes GDPR all the more powerful
    • There is more that one piece of legislation in play; PECR and the Charity Commission
    • GDPR profoundly affects every aspect of marketing
    • GDPR affects every aspects of every business, any personal information stored anywhere needs to be considered, including Excel spreadsheet and staff lists
    • You can not use assume consent for b2c marketing, ever
    • Old consent is unlikely to be acceptable
    • Clients CAN NOT use any third parties agencies that are non-compliant, if they do they are immediately liable for any data issues

    Crush Design still has some work to do before we are fully GDPR compliant, and the process is not easy. By the end of March we will be fully compliant. I imagine over 50% of agencies will be non-compliant by 28th May which leaves their clients exposed and therefore negligent in the eyes of the new law.

    We are also working on a data solution that provides clients with the hugely important ‘verification’ of consent, as well as transparency and control which guarantees compliance to GDPR.

    For more information on our GDPR solution please get in touch

    Photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash

  • Magento 2 website launched

    Magento 2 website launched

    Magento is the most powerful open source e-commerce platform.

    In layman terms Magento is the go-to platform for companies that want a big and complex online shop.

    The challenge was immense;

    • Magento 2 is a new and significant update
    • Lots of improvements from Magento version 1, so a lot of learning
    • The client sells over 6,000 products
    • Products range from simple on/off switches to large, complex and very expensive automated systems
    • The client wanted all the e-commerce bells and whistles!

    Take a look and judge for yourself:

    But we think we have combine great design,UX, functionality and build.

    So if you are looking for a Magento 2 developer in Chesterfield, Sheffield or north Derbyshire, then look no further that Crush Design!


  • What will 2018 hold for Crush Design?

    I can barely believe we have left 2017 behind.

    For Crush it was a pretty good year, we delivered some wonderful work for our wonderful clients, some brilliant new clients found their way in to the Crush family, we added a new member of staff and we bought our first office.

    The latter is the one most likely to bring change to Crush. I am a great believer that change is important, yes we are a good agency but we should never stand still and always be pushing ourselves.

    Having a building, one we can call ours, means we can own the space entirely and build a bespoke environment for us to operate and grew.

    Because as we grew we are learning that systems and structure are just as important and great design and technical expertise.

    So 2018 will have us striving to be so much better at customer service, so that it matches the ongoing quality of our work.

    The Crush things to look out for in 2018

    1. Office warming party
    2. A showroom you will want to move into
    3. Business maturity
    4. Some cloud activity
    5. Many more smiles

    It is a bit late, I know…, but happy new year!


  • Future Website trends for 2018

    I am a great fan of Digital Synopsis and once again I think they hit the mark on a lot of really good developments in website design for 2018 in their recent article

    The facts that most resonate with me are:

    • 95% of users want a good user experience (not just design)
    • But also that trust comes from quality in design with 94% not trusting degraded websites
    • And remembering that homepages are usually transitional pages, so planning the navigation to content the person wants to see is key

    On the design side the top five points they list are absolutely on the mark

    1. Bold typography and colours – though only when the brand permits
    2. Scroll trigger animations – already doing it and it looks great!
    3. Quality photography – bin the crappy stock images and take time to find something special (or hire a photographer)
    4. Your digital voice – getting better at speaking to customer through the screen in the right tone and on brand
    5. The use of Cinemagraphs – think they are beautiful, just need to figure our how to incorporate one in to a client website!

    At Crush Design we have many more views on where great website design is going. So if your website could do with some love in 2018, pick up the phone!

    A cinemagraph

    This is a still image with some subtle movement. The example below is beautiful….

    Good work Digital Synopsis!

  • A Creative and Meaningful website for Light Up A Life

    A Creative and Meaningful website for Light Up A Life

    Occasionally we get to work on really challenging and interesting projects.

    The Light up a Life website for Ashgate Hospicecare was one of those projects.

    The client, in a wonderfully trusting manner, gave us freedom to come up with the best way to represent the night sky along with stars that could be dedicated to a loved one.

    The solution was a combination of creativity, UX design, planning, mathematics and clever coding

    • An empty night sky and silhouettes of Chesterfield were designed, as well as individual stars
    • These stars are randomly spread throughout the night sky by a mathematical formula and algorithm
    • The website has to be usable on desktop, tablet and mobile, so things like star density on mobile phones was an issue
    • A search function allows those remembering family and friend to re-find the star they sponsored
    • People can add photos and messages of loved one
    • All this managed by an intuitive interface that links directly to a payment gateway for donations

    The biggest problem with the website was just how popular this way of remembering people has been, as the first 300 stars were dedicated almost within the first week.

    Please see for yourselves:



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