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  • Website design for medical brand
  • Website design for medical projects
Project Description

When Natalie sat next to a rather nervous looking stranger on a train heading to London she could not have expected to be developing a new brand and website for medical development led by a rather large team of very clever fellows.

The nervous looking stranger turned out to be a professor at Nottingham University and his nerves were due to the imminent pitch he was due to make for a large amount of funding to develop his very innovative idea for treating osteoporosis. However, being able to develop leading edge clinical treatments is one thing, getting a PowerPoint presentation to look good is another.

Fortunately for our professor he was sat next to Natalie who is the world’s best at PowerPoint.

So Natalie, being Natalie, took control and fixed the professor’s PowerPoint presentation much to his relief.

In parting, at St Pancreas, the grateful professor promised that should he win the funding that he would get Natalie to do the website and branding.

Sure enough, three months later, when the trip was all but forgotten the professor calls!

Project Details
Brand design, Logo design, Website design
Feb 2016
Nottingham University
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