Angling Lines Blog

Projects to develop brand new websites or blogs are becoming less frequent.

It is simply the case that an old site already exists, and that the project is to re-design, re-structure, add functionality, improve security or all of the aforementioned.

That was the case with Angling Lines. From a humble beginning their blog had grown to become a very large and very successful site in its own right, one that provided a lot value from both customer engagement and SEO.

Like a renovation and extension project on a house, the difficulty with working with an old site is making decisions on what to keep. Often it is cheaper to knock it all down and start again, but with Angling Lines the content was extensive and the SEO value significant, so this would have be an expensive mistake.

This project was lead by the Crush Design developers, working to keep the foundation of the old site in tack but allowing the designers enough freedom to make the site look amazing.