10 things we have learnt about growing our design agency

For most of 2014 Crush Design has been a team of eight people, but it was not so long ago that we were only two.

So what have we learnt about growing our design and creative marketing agency.

  1. It is hard, relentless and often thankless work
  2. It is hugely rewarding, when you get time to think about it
  3. Getting the right people is as important as everyone says it is
  4. Getting the right people is as hard as everyone says it is
  5. Reputation is absolutely key to maintain growth
  6. There are lot of cowboy internet agencies out there – but they all get found out
  7. Good clients will find good agencies, eventually, and are happy to stay loyal
  8. And good clients are happy to pay the right amount for good work
  9. Quality is worth paying, but it has to be quality – not just a promise
  10. You can never, ever have enough biscuits


It has been an eventful journey, enough stories to fill a book. Because being an eight-man business is so completely different from being a one or two man (woman) band. Everything changes as you let new people in to your business.

But the BIG advantage for our future is the new people we employ will bring new skills and great ideas to add to the excellent service we have always given our clients.

It is also worth noting that Chesterfield has been a great place to grow a design, website and seo business.

The question for Crush Design is – what next?

World domination of course.