Marketing Placement Student

As Crush Design keeps getting busier we are thinking about hiring a marketing placement student. A chance to find a future Crush star and ensure we are keeping up with modern trends.

In this modern digital era the discipline of marketing has changed significantly and rapidly, become an increasingly complex art form.

Even though I am the director of a marketing agency I am at a disadvantage because I did not grow up with the internet. Today’s students know nothing else. Broadband, smartphones and social media are second nature. What I have to learn, they are instinctively familiar with. There is a plethora of social platforms and apps which just didn’t exist five years ago.

So we are considering a student. As scary as that sounds our last recruit, a graduate from Norton College, has proven that the youth of today are not as bad as the media would have us believe.

So if you are or you know a University student studying a degree in Marketing or Marketing Communications then please get in touch.

We are specifically looking for marketing degree students.