Busy times, lots done, new staff

Just in case you follow the activities of Crush Design I thought I would offer a quick update.

Quick because I have a lot to do, Crush Design is a busy place. Here’s a little snippet of what we have been up to so far this year:

4 or 5 new websites published
3 or 4 websites about to be published
3 logos designed along with new brands
4 new clients won
1 trip to the States for a BIG project
1 new member of staff
3 exhibitions supported with 2 on the way
2 videos done with 2 on the way
6 html emailers sent for 4 different clients
1 survey app built
At least 32 bacon butties ate
8 late night working
And a whole bunch of other stuff

And still we smile and grow.

Lovin 2015!