To Boast or Not To Boast

What is the etiquette for announcing new clients?

Recently we have won some great new clients and (fingers cross) hope to add a couple more.

Thing is, should I be putting them and their company names on this blog?

My guess is prospective clients (‘hello’ and ‘nice to meet you’ if you are one) will get some comfort from the fact that we are doing well and that others have chosen us so they will be in good company.

But should our competition be reading this then does that give them the chance to chase our newly won business.

And do clients want their agency to be boasting about how they have been ‘won’. Might this be a little sensitive so early in the relationship.

Perhaps it may be best to prove ourselves first and then publish the news…, but then its old news.

Be interested in your views.

But hopefully I have got across that we have won some ace clients without upsetting anyone!