Good News for Chesterfield

I have recently celebrated my sixth year of running a business in Chesterfield. By gosh that time has flown by!

What has been really interesting during this time is how Chesterfield has changed. As Crush Design has prospered, how has our town faired?

Not only do we run a business in the town but we have worked hard on many projects to improve how Chesterfield is viewed by those in and outside of the town. This work includes designing and delivering the Inward Investment Campaign, developing a brand new website for Destination Chesterfield and the complete re-brand of the Borough Council. Added to this Crush Design has worked on improving the brand, design and digital presentation of many leading local businesses.

If the recently held Destination Chesterfield meeting at Markham Vale is anything to go by the recent years have been rather good. I can not recall the exact facts but the gist is;

  • Levels of unemployment has fallen below the national average for the first time
  • The retail and industrial unit vacancy is at an all time low
  • Investment in the region seems to be at a high level compared to the national average
  • Universities, with their considerable financial clout, are planning to move more and more of their operations in to the region
  • And the huge plans for Peak Resort have been all but signed off with the prospect of 1,500 new jobs


I think Chesterfield  is in a great place with a good future, something the town’s leaders should be very proud of.