• The Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon is back!!

    The Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon is back!!

    It’s that time of year again, as the weather becomes colder and nights become longer, it’s time to (mentally) prepare us for the Chesterfield Half Marathon which returns on Sunday 21st October 2018, with Ashgate Hospice continuing to be the main charity partner!

    Following the success of last year this year the event has expanded, and as-well as the Half Marathon, the event is also offering:

    · 5-mile challenge! A five-mile route that starts at the same time in the same place as the Marathon.

    · Fun Run! – A short 1km fun run straight after the start of the half marathon and 5-mile challenge.

    · Well Being Challenge Opportunity for organisations / groups to take on the Well being challenge.

    At Crush we like to get stuck into everything, and therefore we have Jonathan, Celine, Will and Nick taking part in the Half Marathon, our newest team member Katie taking part in the 5-mile challenge, and Natalie, James plus 3 kids doing the fun run!

    All for a great cause we will be raising money for our wonderful local hospice Ashgate Hospice care, who runners generated almost £20,000 for last year.

    We have worked closely with Ashgate for a few years now and we are extremely passionate about the work they do for the local community and try our best to help them and get involved.

    Hospice care is also a cause close to our hearts as several members of Crush have experienced first-hand how important is was for loved ones.

    Wish Us Luck!

    The Crush Team

  • Long Time No Posts

    Crush Design continues to be a very busy and successful agency (despite the lack of recent posts!)

    We are now ten people, yet despite the extra man power we are seem to be busy as ever. The new recruits include a developer and another account manager, both settling in nicely.

    Amongst the recent client wins we are particularly proud of one, an international charity. Not going to reveal the name yet but it will see our design and digital work travel the globe and, fingers cross, get a lot of recognition.

    In addition to new clients we are hugely grateful to our existing clients who continue to stick with us despite the occasional growing pain.

  • Google Maps being difficult!

    So recently Google announced that there will be no more API calls without billing details. This affects everyone that has a Google generate map on their website.

    As of this summer any website calls to the Google Maps APIs which don’t include an API key will return an error or a watermarked map.

    This means that everyone who has a Google map needs to create an API key from a registered account with payment / credit card details, even if they are never likely to have to pay for the service (due to low usage).

    This is all well and good but it so difficult to create an API key!

  • The challenges of running a business

    Thought this cartoon on Digital Synopsis sums up the biggest problem we face as an agency.

    Design and brand agency

    Saying no to a client can often feel like a crime, but saying yes and failing is actually worse.

    We try hard to work closely with clients to avoid this, either by helping them plan potential work loads in advanced or through genuinely understanding the deadline and negotiating. Not all deadlines will result in Armageddon.

    All that said, we are instinctively helpful people at Crush so will always want to, and try to help all clients at all time.

  • We are recruiting – PHP and WordPress Developers

    Our staff retention at Crush Design has been excellent, especially if you compare it to the Agency sector average.

    However, after five years one of our developers believes (quite incorrectly) that the grass may be greener elsewhere.

    This tragedy happened shortly after we had already made the decision to expand the developer team with another junior. So now I have two position to fill!

    • a senior and a junior developer
    • would consider two middle weights

    There is no mad rush as the development work schedule is manageable, plus getting the right people is vital as we want them to stay for five years at the very least!

    So who is right for us, and who are we right for?

    • PHP is the language of choice. Lots of knowledge and experience for the senior, some experience but evidence of enthusiasm and eagerness more important for the junior role
    • Full’ish stack for the seniors, though more emphasis on front end skills
    • Front End more important for juniors to start
    • Knowledge of WordPress and Laravel would be good (Magento knowledge would be awesome but not a requirement)
    • Friendly, because the team you are joining is and we want a positive working environment
    • Hard working, because we are a popular agency with more opportunies than we can manage
    • But not just fast work as pixel perfect quality is important

    In terms of the work we do, it is varied both in terms of the clients we work for and the projects we get.

    Never a dull moment!

    If you are interested please get in touch, we would love to hear from you:

    More information on the job role: Developer Jobs

    Agencies – Aiming not to use an agency, though chances are you have already contacted me as I ran an advert on Indeed and Linked In. If you want to chance you arm send anonymised CV of local and relevant candidates with your required commission rate. All other contact will be ignored / avoided. Sorry.

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