JW Corporate Branding and Website

Project Description

The owner of JW Corporate, originally called All My Training Services, came to us with a very outdated website.

Over the years she had grown the business and now had two divisions; training and safety auditing. For us it didn’t make sense to have a company called “All My Training Services” that also did auditing. The client also had a logo which comprised of the letters JW (her initials) but did in no way link to the company name “All Your Training Services”.

We were confused, so clients probably were too!

Our first task was to rethink the branding of the company, as well as the company structure.

Together with the client we agreed on calling the umbrella company JW Corporate, and calling the two divisions “JW Training” for the training services and “JW Safety” for the safety auditing services. This structure also permits future expansion if needed.

We have created new logos for the different divisions of the company, as well as new colour palettes, to highlight the distinct services.

Project Details
June 2017
JW Corporate
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