Pronto Paints Website with E-commerce

Project Description


To avoid being just another turgid industrial paint website, Pronto Paints went looking for the very best agency in the area to help them update their digital brand and to create a website to match their ambitions.

Their fantastic new website that showcases the brand’s forward thinking and technology driven approach.

Visually the website looks fantastic, using photography rich in colour to show off the quality of paint and a brand new look and feel that matches their high energy can-do attitude.

Added to the design is functionality to shame even the largest of companies. The website boasts a brand new e-commerce site that includes a digital custom-made colour chart and selection system so that customers can find the exact colour match that is right for them.

This digital colour selector, along with an interactive map to locate distributors and a growing library of technical knowledge, can all be easily viewed on any device, be it a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Project Details
Website design
July 2016
Pronto Paints
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