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Working with this international movement has been a privilege and a pleasure.

She Decides goal is to change the world and are very likely to succeed. Rarely does a movement start with such a high level of global support from an extraordinary list of politicians, country leaders, international influencers, leading charities and dignitaries.

Crush were commissioned to plan, design and develop a new website that would help to give women and girls across the world the power to decide out about what they want.

Here at SheDecides we love working with Crush – they are great partners because:

  • They are super easy and fun to work with

  • They put up with our unreasonable demands

  • The quality of the product is superb

  • They got to know us really well and helped us to show SheDecides to the world in a new way, tailored to the people who matter most

  • They push our thinking (in a nice way) and are super responsive to our (my) idiosyncrasies

Robin Gorna, She Decides Lead

The starting point was to focus on exactly what the website could and should be. What could we achieve and whose support did we need the most.

The who would be vital to success. Targeting European politicians for their support is a very different proposition to motivating millions of 23-year college students in Africa, Asia or South America. In terms of the communications strategy neither could be ignored, but we felt that to change the world the website could be hugely effective in energising the latter.

Research tells us that, outside of the UK and Europe, Android devices are far more widely used to connect to the internet over 3G and 4G than any other device and connection.

This left us with a dilemma. We needed the design of the website to motivate a global audience of millions through a 5 inch mobile screen, but it was also vital to engage with the highly influential Western European audience who would be using superfast broadband and high-resolution monitors.

We are so proud of the resulting website design and build. Every user journey through the website is engaging giving the impression of just how important this global movement is for women across the world.

Since launch the website has already seen an unprecedented level of support with more people around the world pledging their support so that She can always Decide what she wants to do with her body, her life and with her future.


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