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Wilkins Vardy

Re-branding the most successful estate agency in our local area was such a wonderful opportunity for us. Buying and selling your home can be such a stressful event – the team at Wilkins Vardy really do understand this and we were so impressed by their genuine desire to provide the very best service to buyers and sellers alike. Nearing their 50th anniversary, we were tasked with evolving the brand to give a fresh and striking corporate image, whilst retaining the core message of their excellent service.

Starting with the logo, fonts and colour palette, we designed a typographic logo, complete with brand marque and a bespoke set of leaves which are used to tailor their collateral. Sales boards are a key part of an estate agents marketing kit and we are delighted with the finished design – the boards are extremely distinctive across Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

“Wilkins Vardy has been operating in Chesterfield for almost 50 years, becoming a well known local brand in that time. The thought of modernising the brand whilst maintaining its identity was one that we new had to happen, but was totally daunting. That was until we met Natalie and the Crush team. They listened to the brief and walked us through the various options with knowledge and enthusiasm. We knew our business was in good hands, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


Daniel Elliott, Managing Director, Wilkins Vardy

Along with a company brochure, we also re-designed their website and sales particulars, the latter of which gives a fresh look to their three offices in Chesterfield, Clay Cross and Bolsover.  

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