The Heartbleed website security issue

The Heartbleed website security issue

​You may have been hearing a lot in the news recently about SSL and problems with internet security. First and foremost, client​s​ of Crush were never at risk as all of our clients’ websites ​are using a version of SSL that was not affected. ​

If your websites is managed elsewhere (how dare you!) then contact your host provider and check that they have applied the necessary fixes. If you are still unsure you are more then welcome to contact our technical team.

​Th​is​ ​latest ​security issue​, ​‘The Heartbleed Bug’​​ ​is a big one. The best explanation we can find can be found as a cartoon embedded below. This cartoon was created by Randall Munroe of

​What this cartoon highlights so well is the simplicity of a security ​bug.

We do not want to scare monger too much, but it is a wise person that takes internet security very seriously.

I know we do.


heartbleed cartoon