Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions can be a tough read as they are detailed and described in a legal tongue.

However they are necessary to protect Crush, an agency we have worked so hard to build over the past 2 decades.

At our heart, we are a fair organisation believing in delivering good relationships through honesty, quality work, an excellent service.

We are proud that we have never had to call on these terms and conditions.

But terms and conditions are a part of the the world we live.

So here they are:

General Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Interpretations

In these Terms and Conditions (Terms), the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

“You/Your” means the person/company (including their employees, agents or assigns), who purchases the Service(s) from Us:

“Us/We/Our” means Crush, a trading name of Crush Design and Creative Marketing Limited whose registered address is Grange End, Ingmanthorpe, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, S42 7AX, Company No 06700076;

“Agreement” means the Agreement between Us and You which shall be deemed to incorporate these Terms and the terms on any individual Order;

“Services” mean the Services, including any goods and materials, detailed in the Order to be supplied by Us to You;

“Order” means the proposal or quotation provided by Us and agreed in writing by You, (in whatever form including email) describing the Services requested by You and accepted by Us and detailing the estimated price to be paid and estimated timescales for delivery of the Services.

The agreement

The Agreement shall be on these Terms, incorporating the terms on any Order, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. If any conflict arises between these Terms and the terms of the Order, the terms of the Order shall prevail.

The Agreement will commence on the date You place the Order.

If You have ordered one-off Services, including projects, the Agreement will terminate upon delivery of those Services.

Where You have ordered repeat or ongoing Services the Agreement will continue in full force and effect for a period of 12 months unless and until terminated earlier by either party in accordance with these Terms.

Thereafter this Agreement will automatically renew itself on the first and subsequent anniversaries of this Agreement unless and until otherwise terminated in accordance with these Terms.

Once You have placed Your Order the cancellation terms contained below apply.

The services

We will provide the Services in accordance with the Order. Unless otherwise specified on the Order, all times, dates and prices are estimates only and may vary as a result of, without limit, the level of changes requested by You and the costs of materials.

We reserve the right to utilise the services of specialist 3rd party suppliers to deliver elements of the Services detailed on the Order.

We shall be responsible for organising and ensuring all Services ordered under this Agreement are delivered in an efficient manner, including as regards how and in what order activities are undertaken, but shall liaise with You from time to time to ensure that reasonable due account is taken of the impact of the timing of any activities upon any of

Your other activities.

For the avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise provided in the Order, and except as otherwise provided herein, You shall pay any additional charges which are incurred as a result of:

  1. additional work required or requested, including without limit, additional meetings, reports or any design or changes requested by You which are additional to or outside the scope of the Order; or
  2. your failure to fulfil any of Your responsibilities as detailed in the Order or otherwise confirmed in writing; and/or,
  • delays caused by You or Your 3rd party suppliers or matters otherwise outside Our reasonable control.

Such charges shall be in addition to all other amounts payable under this Agreement, despite any maximum budget, contract price or final price identified herein.

We may extend of modify any delivery schedule or deadlines in the Agreement as may be required by any of the circumstances contemplated herein and We will use Our reasonable endeavours to notify You before any extra charges are incurred.

Any such additional charges will be at levied at the following rates:

RoleHourly Rate
Senior Consultant£85
Design Work£70
Web Development£70
Digital / Search Marketing£70
Urgent work (same day response)20% premium