Privacy Policy

For starters, we are a business to business organisation so under current legislation it is not a requirement; the new GDPR law only covers personal data.

There is a grey area around partnerships and/or sole traders, as some might argue that the data stored is personal data.

All that is arbitrary as we do not collect nor store information directly from this website.

Even if we did, we think it is fair to assume consent to make contact has been given based on the fact that a ‘Contact Me’ form has been completed.

The only data we do store at Crush is for contractual purposes – our clients and suppliers details.

Please do not let this rather flippant privacy policy mislead you about our due diligence to the data laws. As a data processor to many clients we take data protection incredibly seriously, and are tied by legally binding contracts to ensure GDPR compliance is met in full.

For information on our service to help client comply with GDPR, please get in touch through the contact form (which doesn’t store data – it just sends a email – which we delete diligently after a year of zero contact).