Is Your Brand Up To Scratch?

Is Your Brand Up To Scratch?

Any reasonably sized and established business will have a brand, the details of which should be documented in a user manual – a brand guideline document.

This is what we have recently created for The Spire Brewing Company. As well as creating a brand guideline document, which will ensure that all future marketing materials are consistent and on-brand, we have also designed some initial marketing materials, including a new logo, letterhead, compliment slip and pump clip.

The brand document will clearly describe the business in terms of logos, style, tone of voice, ethos, colours, font and so on. This achieves two things; clarity and consistency.

Customers, staff, investors and other stakeholders can quickly and clearly understand what the business does because it is written down. Perhaps more importantly the message is consistently delivered, reinforcing brand values and brand recall whilst avoiding any brand confusion through different interpretations.

If you have not got a brand guideline document, we recommend that you get one.