Annual Report and Year Book Design

Annual Report and Year Book Design

This is the fourth consecutive year book that we have design and published for Destination Chesterfield.

Promoting good news stories is a vital part of the Destination Chesterfield project and this annual review is a beautiful way of doing just that.

As a business based in the centre of Chesterfield we are passionate about lifting the profile and the attitude of the place.

I know it is a bit American, but positivity does breed positivity, and we want people who come across Chesterfield to feel good about the experience. We want people to be impressed with how well Chesterfield is doing.

The design of this years annual review remain true to the original brand guidelines, but makes use of the full extended colour palette to give the book its own identity as well as presenting a warm and colourful feel.

To find out more about the Destination Chesterfield project visit their website.