Marketing just keeps getting harder!

Marketing just keeps getting harder!

I think we all instinctively know that developments in technology are making digital marketing more and more complex.

At Crush Design we get asked more and more questions by our clients on what to do, where to invest and how to shape their digital marketing into the future.

The recent Adobe Digital Roadblock Report 2015 that research marketers across Europe sums up the mood very well.

– 85% of marketers think the rate of change in marketing is accelerating
– 49% of marketers feel challenged by the changes in technology
– 48% of marketers worry about their ability to keep up

If nearly half of professional marketers worry about keeping up with technology where does that leave CEOs, MD, business owners and the non-marketing-professionals who are often required to make marketing decisions for their company.

If you are worried about keeping up with changes in digital marketing a organisation like ours, Crush Design, can and will help.

As a director of the company I have 16 years of experience in digital marketing, working with numerous clients on varying marketing strategies. I do not claim to be able to keep up with all the changes and have a team of three digital specialists to help shape the advice we give.

If you are worried about whether your digital marketing strategy is up to date please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.