Web Design Trends for 2016

Web Design Trends for 2016

Normally I like to write a bit about what to look out for in 2016.

But low and behold Natalie has got there before me. Though it is not her writing, but it is rather good so worth sharing.

16 Web & Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016

The first two are a little bit 2015.

We have been banging the website usability drum throughout 2015. So much so that we are introducing a two stage off-site user acceptance process to all major projects. A design that may seem easy to use to you or I as digital and marketing professionals may not be to your target audience, especially if they are from a less web savvy demographic.

Mobile / touch first on design is a bit older, though I guess the point here is having a first generation responsive website is not enough, you have to keep working at developing the tablet and mobile experience.

So, hopefully you will find this article useful and should time allow I will still add my own thoughts.