Facts to Shape Your Thinking

Facts to Shape Your Thinking

It will come as no surprise that e-commerce spend went up last Christmas. The figure according to Custora is an increase of 12.2% year on year, and then around 16% for the pre and post Christmas sales events (Black Friday / Cyber Monday)

Lets face it, buying online to avoid the crappy weather and crazy town/city centres is very appealing.

But perhaps as important;

30.4% of online sales were placed on mobile.

Organic search drove the majority of online sales (21.5%), followed closely by email with 20%.

Social media only drove 1.8% of sales.

I am still asking the question, what is conventional Social Media good for? Aside from social networking (what it was designed to do). We are yet to find a client that has sold anything as a direct result of Twitter. Be interested if anyone has evidence to the contrary.