What Website Analytics tell you about Customer Experience

What Website Analytics tell you about Customer Experience

Each time Crush Design builds a new website we learn more and more about what the customer wants.

The buzz word in digital design over the past year has been customer-experience. Many companies, and sadly their agencies, pay lip service to the customer experience of using a website but far too few actually do anything concrete to ensure that every key customer group enjoys a good experience.

Perhaps this short fall is because the it is a very complex challenge requiring expertise in; research, data architecture, design, brand and graphical hierarchy, communication strategy, content writing, photography, database planning, front end development, software testing, platform testing, user acceptance testing and finally website analytics.

And that is only half the job done.

If you are serious about getting the customer journeys perfect for each and every key visit, and you should be, then the launch of the new website is just the beginning.

Use analytic data, heatmaps, funnels and recordings to see where improvements can be made.

Of you want to see how your website is performing – get in touch. We will be able to find and then iron out where your website fails your customers.