The importance of high quality photography

The importance of high quality photography

As a design agency we are often asked to develop new logos, create graphics and develop new designs for brochures and websites. What often gets overlooked is photography. A picture says a thousand words, but what are the quality of words your photos are shouting?

The problem is everyone carries a decent camera in the their pockets these days, so aren’t we all amateur photographers.
Sadly no…..because why is it that, no matter how hard I try, I take rubbish photos?

Worst still is that many ‘professional’ photographers still produce bad images. Often we see photos that are technically spot on, the photo has been taken with an amazing modern camera, but yet the image says nothing.

The problem is the content that is captured inside a photo is poor, and getting that right isn’t something that can be taught or bought. Capturing an photo that genuinely reaches out to its viewer is a natural ability, and clearly one I don’t have (nor do a number of photographers we have come across).

One person that really does have a great eye for an image is our own Creative Director Natalie. A reluctant photographer maybe, but the images she has captured for Ashgate Hospice Care absolutely capture the emotion and feeling that end of life care evokes. There is a surprising warmth to these images.

So good are these photos that Crush Design is now selling her services to all clients.

If you think your images are technically brilliant but total flat and lifeless then talk to us about photography.

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