The best award – positive feedback from a client

The best award – positive feedback from a client

Award ceremonies are great. Good fun, great for those taking part and a excellent way to market a business, both for the award giving and the award receiver.

However to work for the award giver everything has to run smoothly to deliver the ideal brand experience, and they have to plan everything so that it the maximise the coverage they get from hosting the event(s).

CoStar knew this in the run up to their 2016 awards and chose to book in Crush Design and A Vision to help.

Here is what they thought of our help:

The Client

“I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your work on the Agency Awards project. This was a high intensity 3 week, and we delivered a lot of innovation to the programme.”

“The website looks fantastic and delivered a timely platform for agents to shout about their success. What an improvement from the booklet that was! And the social media fruition of the events was unparalleled”.

“I know there were lots of late nights and early mornings involved in making it happen, but the effort paid off and I want to Thank you for it.”

Caterina Rigoni, Marketing Director

US Parent Company

“Congratulations! I’ve been watching the twitter feed. I actually think the US needs to adopt your model – spoke to the team earlier this week and hope to broaden my understanding of everything you do so we can consider here in the US. Thanks!”

Becky Carr, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Head Office