Happy New Year! What will you change?

Happy New Year! What will you change?

So I am sat back at my desk after a busy festive break trying to remember what I do for a living.

As it slowly comes back me…, I run a design and marketing agency, the inevitable enthusiastic goal setting for the new year begins. This year we will take over the world!

The thing is, be it in your personal life, or business life, half of all adults make New Year’s resolutions but fewer than 10% manage to keep them for more than a few months.

All of us know this, so why are we doing this, what is going on and what can be do to improve our chances of success.

Here is my approach for Crush Design;

  1. Be realistic about what we can achieve, things that we nearly did last year but just fell sort on.
  2. Take on one change at a time, improvement take time and energy on top of our already  busy lives. And the year last 12 months, not just 3!
  3. As much as I hate acronyms, I am going to be SMART in my goal setting. Particularly focusing on measuring what we achieve over time.
  4. Openly broadcast our goals, as the more people know what I am promising the bigger the drive not to fail in front on an audience.

So on point 4, this blog should cover that but as far as the rest goes, my goal for Crush Design is to keep doing what we are doing, keep enjoying it and to carefully grown the business so we can keep on delivering the kind of service our clients want.

Oh…., and perhaps exercise more and drink a little less!

Happy new year!