10 Reasons To Hire Crush Design To Build Your Website

10 Reasons To Hire Crush Design To Build Your Website

Thought it was about time we sold ourselves a little on this blog.

  1. Commercial and Technical Planning. Understanding the client’s proposition to develop a well thought out architecture to the website is the only way to deliver an intuitive navigation and easy to follow customer journey.


  1. Professional Design. All our designers are professional designers. They have studied design at college and have many years’ experience delivering high quality and effective work for a range of clients. To our clients this makes a huge difference, helping them stand out in a world where everyone has software that makes them believe they can design.


  1. Front End Design. Our front-end developers have the necessary html, CSS and importantly PHP skills to custom build all websites which means that 3rd party pre-built themes do not restrict the design of the website. Another way to stand out when anyone can populate a drag and drop website platform.


  1. Professional Approach. Crush Design has an excellent track-record at delivering client websites on time and to expectations. As a growing agency, we have the resources required to meet any client request. We won’t let you down.


  1. Build Architecture. The are many shortcuts available to developers working with WordPress. Almost all end up costing the client time and money further down the line. At Crush Design, we carefully plan and then develop all code in house so that the website has a longer shelf life and is less expensive to maintain.


  1. Client User Friendly. Without consideration and thought the WordPress admin panel can become a very confusing interface for clients making it difficult for clients to maintain their website.


  1. Security. Crush Design follows strict security guidelines to protect clients against the epidemic of automated website hacking. The give a sense of the scale of the problem all five WordPress websites that we have inherited from other agencies have had either a virus, malware or a serious security weakness.


  1. Available and Responsive. There will always be a developer available every working day throughout the year who has the skills, knowledge and access to work on your website. Better still, because our developers have written all the code they can fix any problems quickly without having to contact a 3rd party


  1. Transparent and Fair. Every solution or piece of advice suggested is done in the client’s best interest. We are more than happy to explain what we are doing, why we are doing and be open about how much it will cost. We never baffle with technical speak and never charge hidden costs.


  1. Premium Service with Low Cost Base. We have worked hard to bring a team together of excellent designers and developers to match the quality of a London agency. Having gathered a great team our second biggest advantage is offering this service incredible cost effectively as our agency is based in Chesterfield, on the edge of the stunning Peak District.