84% of companies have outdated digital platforms

84% of companies have outdated digital platforms

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a priority in our society.

Consumers are demanding a digital experience, but companies are struggling to meet their demands.

A recent survey by PointSource highlights this concern that companies are struggling to keep up to date with new times and do not have the systems in place to take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends. The survey suggests that 84% of organisational leaders claim they have outdated digital platforms, limiting their companies’ ability to deliver the needed digital experience to their customers. That is pretty shocking!

The same study also shows that 48% of leaders were not confident that they were getting the right effect via their digital platforms or interacting with the right audience.

It seems that the base of the problem is that companies’ digital platforms are not up-to-date with the new era, this leads to business leaders lacking confidence in the digital customer experience they can deliver but yet the same leaders are powerless to act because they simply do not know how to make the most of it.

The big question is, who can help?

Digital transformation (shifting traditional businesses to be digital first businesses) is a very complex discipline and often takes more than one expert; database architect, insight analyst, marketing automation, CRM specialist, CMS developers, front end developers, digital designers, UX designer (user experience), content marketers, search specialist and a business analyst.

Not a problem if you are a multinational business with deep pockets, but who can the remaining medium to small sized businesses turn to?

At Crush Design we offer 8 of the 11 disciplines listed above for digital transformation and already work with clients to better develop the customer journey they offer to improve conversion rates and take advantage of the efficiencies that digital platforms clearly offer.

That does make a full service agency like Crush Design a good place to start.

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