How to use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

How to use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

In April LinkedIn reached 500 million members worldwide, of which 23 million are from the UK alone. In addition to this, London is the “most connected city” in the world, with users having on average 307 connections.

This makes LinkedIn the most effective place for companies to engage with decision makers and business leaders in the UK and Worldwide.

Despite it being the most popular B2B social media, many businesses are not using LinkedIn to its full potential.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is ideal for promoting brand awareness, but most importantly for generating new leads. This last point is often forgotten.

LinkedIn should be a platform to engage with potential clients and build connections.

To make the most of this social media tool here are some of our top Crush tips:

Stand out

Much like your website, your LinkedIn page needs to be attractive and coherent with your branding.

The banner image and the company description need to be on point, as they are the first things your prospects will see. Your first few lines need to be intriguing to capture your audience’s attention.

Be interesting to your audience

The more valuable information you share through your page, the more attention you will get and the more leads you will generate. Like your website, your LinkedIn needs to be updated regularly.

However, never publish for the sake of publishing! Posting dull content will just bore your followers, affecting your company’s reputation.

As long as your content is interesting, it doesn’t necessarily need to be new. It can simply be sharing your blog posts, case studies from your website and relevant business news.

Join groups

A good idea is to proactively look for active groups related to your business and industry, and join them.
This is the ideal way to “meet” potential clients, create relationships and network online.
If you already have a LinkedIn presence, you can even create a group yourself!

More and more we have been helping our clients promote themselves on LinkedIn. For more advice give us a call for a chat.