What is GDPR and why this data protection legislation affects you

What is GDPR and why this data protection legislation affects you

In today’s connected world we can be targeted by anyone anywhere in the world.

This intense competition and the intrinsically anarchic nature of the internet has made our emails, our mobile phones, the letter box and social media difficult places to manage.

Scams are increasingly sophisticated, and the ethical line that marketers should not step over whilst chasing your money is blurred.

In 2015 Olive Cook, a 92 year old lady with a heart of gold was simply hounded to death because of her generosity.

The government should, and have, stepped in again to up the legislation in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The new rules come in to force from 25th May 2018, and for those that are behaving ethically not a great deal will change as it is mainly tightening the EU data protection ruling .

Here are the headlines
– You can market to people whom have already given you permission
– Data must not be out of date
– For new contacts you must explain how you got their details, what you plan to do with and how to opt out in plain English so that a child would understand.
– Opt out will not be enough, you must gain explicate and informed confirmation before holding data
– There must be a ‘legitimate interest’ to contact, with marketing being considered a legitimate interest.
– Charities have more hoops to jump through as asking for donations is not a legitimate interest, where as spreading knowledge about a charitable activity is.
– Fines for data breaches have gone up significantly
– You must be able to inform people within 72 hours of a data breach

This is an area that Crush Design is researching in more detail to gain a full understanding so we are able to support our clients.

If you would like to know more, please contact our office and we can help you avoid falling foul of these new new data laws