Helping raise awareness of the LGBT community in Chesterfield

Helping raise awareness of the LGBT community in Chesterfield

Last week we got a knock at the door from a group of students asking for some design help.

They were participating in the National Citizen Service (NCS), a government funded program encouraging young people to take part in social action projects.

This group of students, called Team Unison, were challenged with promoting the LGBT community in Chesterfield.

We were impressed with their initiative to ask a local business for help, and we were intrigued by their project, so we invited them in for a chat to find out how we could help.

Before coming to us they had already raised enough to buy a rainbow coloured bench for Queens Park to represent the LGBT community. As a next step they wanted a logo designed to go on their social media pages and on their posters- to make the project look more professional.

To start with, as we do with every new client, we wanted to understand the full scope of the project before working on it. We asked them the following questions to understand the scope of the project;

What was the logo going to be used for?

They wanted a logo for their social media pages and to go on posters.

What was it going to represent?

Spreading the word of the LGBT community in Chesterfield

They came up with the idea of the paintbrush- representing “spreading” the word and “painting the rainbow”

The rainbow U stands for the U of Team Unison- their group name

The rainbow colours are the colours of the LGBT community

What was the aim of the poster?

Their idea was to hang up posters around Chesterfield to promote their project, and to unite the LGBT community.

Initially they wanted the poster to just be a big image of the logo. However, we thought that the message would not be clear enough.

The poster would need some wording to get the message across. We came up with a simple but effective phrase “Helping raise awareness of the LGBT community”.

What was the call to action on the poster going to be?

The poster also needed a call to action, to lead people to somewhere. Team Unison already had social media profiles, so we settled on the call to action leading to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

We offered to design the logo and poster free of charge. For Crush this was only a few hours of our time, but it made a big difference to Team Unison’s project.

As soon as we sent over the final designs we got this response which made us smile:

“WE LOVE IT!  It’s amazing our whole team absolutely love it! We are very grateful for supporting us on this project.”

Crush love to give back to the Chesterfield community- and this was a perfect opportunity!

To find out more about the project check out Team Unison on Facebook and Instagram:

Have you spotted the poster around Chesterfield?