Website trends for 2018

Website trends for 2018

I am a great fan of Digital Synopsis and once again I think they hit the mark on a lot of really good developments in website design for 2018 in their recent article

The facts that most resonate with me are:

  • 95% of users want a good user experience (not just design)
  • But also that trust comes from quality in design with 94% not trusting degraded websites
  • And remembering that homepages are usually transitional pages, so planning the navigation to direct content the person wants to see is key

On the design side the top five points they list are absolutely on the mark

  1. Bold typography and colours – though only when the brand permits
  2. Scroll trigger animations – already doing it and it looks great!
  3. Quality photography – bin the crappy stock images and take time to find something special (or hire a photographer)
  4. Your digital voice – getting better at speaking to customer through the screen in the right tone and on brand
  5. The use of Cinemagraphs – think they are beautiful, just need to figure our how to incorporate one in to a client website!

At Crush Design we have many more views on where great website design is going. So if your website could do with some love in 2018, pick up the phone!


This is a still image with some subtle movement. The example below is beautiful….