What will 2018 hold?

What will 2018 hold?

I can barely believe we have left 2017 behind.

For Crush it was a pretty good year, we delivered some wonderful work for our wonderful clients, some brilliant new clients found their way in to the Crush family, we added a new member of staff and we bought our first office.

The latter is the one most likely to bring change to Crush. I am a great believer that change is important, yes we are a good agency but we should never stand still and always be pushing ourselves.

Having a building, one we can call ours, means we can own the space entirely and build a bespoke environment for us to operate and grow.

Because as we grew we are learning that systems and structure are just as important and great design and technical expertise.

So 2018 will have us striving to be so much better at customer service, so that it matches the ongoing quality of our work.

The Crush things to look out for in 2018

  1. Office warming party
  2. A showroom you will want to move into
  3. Business maturity
  4. Some cloud activity
  5. Many more smiles

It is a bit late, I know… but happy new year!