Busy times at Crush!

Busy times at Crush!

I have nagged our clients to post updates on their website fortnightly at the very least, to present an up-to-date image to the world, be seen as thought leaders and to pursue good SEO rankings. Yet here I am writing a blog article one month after the last. A definite case of “do as I say, not as I do!”

It has been another stupendous start to the year, and I am somewhat perturbed by just how April it has become recently. March was merely a passing thought as we won work and delivered work at a dizzying rate;

  • A self serve portal for a Utility company that has over 100,000 customers
  • A streaming media campaign microsite that is fronted by non-other than Jeff Goldblum
  • We are on the brink on delivering a GDPR compliant data collection and management module
  • Launched http://pagefieldglobalcounsel.com/
  • Launched https://fbdc.co.uk/
  • Launched 3 other websites I can’t mention
  • Delivered outsourced marketing support for 5 decent sized companies
  • Designed and delivered a major annual report
  • And won three great new clients (which I won’t name yet as we haven’t proved ourselves yet!)
  • And some more design stuff that I don’t know a great deal about (its digital that gets me up in the morning!)

All in all, a damn good Q1.

The challenge in the next quarter is going to be the need to recruit some more people, initially developers, so if you know anyone please put us in touch.