We are recruiting developers

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Our staff retention at Crush Design has been excellent, especially if you compare it to the agency sector average.

However, after five years one of our developers believes (quite incorrectly) that the grass may be greener elsewhere.

This tragedy happened shortly after we had already made the decision to expand the developer team with another junior. So now I have two positions to fill!

  • a senior and a junior developer
  • would consider two middle weights

There is no mad rush as the development work schedule is manageable, plus getting the right people is vital as we want them to stay for five years at the very least!

So who is right for us, and who are we right for?

  • PHP is the language of choice. Lots of knowledge and experience for the senior, some experience but evidence of enthusiasm and eagerness more important for the junior role
  • Full’ish stack for the seniors, though more emphasis on front end skills
  • Front end more important for juniors to start
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Laravel would be good (Magento knowledge would be awesome but not a requirement)
  • Friendly, because the team you are joining is and we want a positive working environment
  • Hard working, because we are a popular agency with more opportunies than we can manage
  • But not just fast work as pixel perfect quality is important
  • In terms of the work we do, it is varied both in terms of the clients we work for and the projects we get

Never a dull moment!

If you are interested please get in touch, we would love to hear from you: jon@crush-design.co.uk

Agencies – Aiming not to use an agency, though chances are you have already contacted me as I ran an advert on Indeed and Linked In. If you want to chance your arm send an anonymised CV of local and relevant candidates with your required commission rate. All other contact will be ignored / avoided. Sorry.


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