World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Day!


It’s no secret the Crush team includes a number of vegans and vegetarians. So on World Vegan Day we thought we would share some of our seasonal favourite recipes… the evenings are drawing in, it’s terribly chilly and we have pumpkin to spare!

There are number of favourite vegan chefs who we love, with a firm favourite being Vegan Richa. Check out this recipe for Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Bars. Or if you’ve quite had enough of pumpkin, try this wonderfully warming sweet potato lentil curry.

The BOSH boys are another firm favourite with an amazing talent of creating meat-free burgers. If you’re craving a treat try their Imbosh!ble Burger followed by Avacado Brownies.

And in case you are wondering, the cute-as-a-button avocados are made by Knitting Nanny, over at The Wool Baa in Sheffield.