How do I get more business from my website?

How do I get more business from my website?

I remember investors desperately scrabbling to buy a chunk of the next Google, Amazon and Facebook. I also remember that no one really had a clue what would and would not work.

Now the digital economy has matured there are few big wins nor easy bucks to be made.

Everyone has a website, everyone is trading online, it is not new. Companies that did not get online probably do not exist anymore.

So here is my 5-point guide to making a few extra hard-earned pennies from your website in 2019.


Never think of it as ‘just a website’. A printed brochure never got up from your desk, found and then won you a new customer. Too many website-wastelands exist because companies built them and assumed that ‘they would come’. Plus, building a website and then doing nothing is possibly the biggest waste of money, but we see it all too often.


Get someone else, a friend, with no experience of your business to test your website. Ask them to try to complete the main objective of your website, for example; buy a product, complete a form, research your services, get in contact, etc. Stand behind them and watch them struggle with obvious problems with your website that you will not believe you did not see. Clients are always too close to their own websites, and agencies can also get too close to a project to see the wood for the trees.


Get good advice. I have got 20 years of digital marketing experience – perhaps your competitors are paying for my advice and that is why they are doing so much better than you! They have better plans, better technology, better marketing and are wasting less money on failed ventures.


Constantly review and improve your website. There are two huge reasons for this. Firstly, an out of date website says exactly that about your business, damaging first impressions and reducing the chance of converting visitors into customers. Second, Google will also see your website as out of date and its algorithms will not want to show a page with old information, reducing your website visibility and therefore the amount of traffic you get from search engines..


Getting a good website takes time because it must do many things, and it is only experience along with a process of trial and error that can improve it. To improve search ranking, become more visible, increase traffic, increase engagement, present a good impression and improve conversion rates can take months / years. Sometimes you can fix one thing (design) and you could break the next (speed). Have a plan of what you want to achieve and make sure you track performance.

Often web projects can offer a client much more through saving money, rather than winning new business. We have delivered web projects that offer better customer service levels, customer self-management, reducing admin, improving process, automation, and so on.

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