Wonderful Words. When Copywriting Works!

Wonderful Words. When Copywriting Works!

We are called a design agency, but without words it’s just corporate art. Words grab the attention, tell the story and persuade.

Copywriting forms a vital part of delivering the perfect full service agency service.

I recently received an email from WordStream titled “21 Off-the-Charts Impressive Copywriting Examples.” The article opened with Hemingway’s six word story, “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”. To me, Hemmingway’s understanding of brevity combined with the weight of words is so inspiring, lighting a spark that allows the reader to build a story covering a lifetime, with just six words.

Now compare the power of these six words to the words you have chosen for your company messages, as Hemmingway is the yard mark by which I judge the language I use.

Borrowing from the rather good article sent by WordStream, here are my favourite 6 from their 21 examples of wonderful words.

Number 6

Specsavers being current and funny when England’s disallowed goal clearly lost us the World Cup in 2010.

“Goal Line Technology …. from £25

Number 5

L’Oreal intelligently twisting the gender argument.

Number 4

Brilliant, smart and funny by KFC

Number 3

The art of great copywriting is even older than me.

Number 2

Cough sweets right? Brilliant, funny and different.

Number 1

So funny and relevant it went viral.

How to Get Your Copywriting this good

What I hope you have got from all these examples is brevity and relevancy.

Copywriting is a skill of communication. It is not the mastery of language. Good writers do not always make good copywriters, though sadly many believe a degree in English or Journalism automatically means good copywriting.

Yes the language needs to be technically good, but creativity does not come from the words, but the use of words.

Finding a good copywriter means finding someone who understands your business, your clients and you. Because the real magic is in relevancy.

Wasn’t this just great to read?

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