Digital Stakeholder Communications for the Good Guys

Digital Stakeholder Communications for the Good Guys

Global Digital Communications for the Good Guys

Working with great people is a bonus but working with great people who are focused on doing good around the world is a double bonus.

Add to that the soundtrack of ‘mission impossible’ and you have the perfect project!

The Task

How do you engage with hundreds of people around the world to make hugely significant decision on complex issues in a very short period of time?

Can I just say, it has been a real pleasure to work with you and your outfit of professionals. You never wavered, no matter what we threw at you. The reform effort was 80% communication, and we could simply not have done it without you.


IPPF is a charity organisation that has been doing great work across the globe since the early 1950s.

As with any large global organisation with such an amazing heritage change can be the hardest thing to achieve, but time does not stand still, and neither could IPPF.

IPPF needed a well planned and secure digital communications platform in a very short period of time.

Crush was recommended to IPPF by SheDecides.

The Challenge


Deadlines are necessary evils in change, as tough decisions are only ever made under pressure. It’s human nature.


A genuinely global organisation that required every stakeholder to take part. Without full representation decisions made can be hollow.


The website and all its interactions must be impeachable

The Solution


Crush worked with the (tireless) team at IPPF to create a digital platform to act as the central information hub and be a critical source of stakeholder engagement.

A new dedicated website was put up, pretty much overnight, though despite the speed of work it had to look professional and be fit for purpose.


In all walks of life there are people that are going to disagree, be that against the principles of the charity around women’s rights and abortion, or those against change.

For such important decisions to be made Crush advised on, and developed, a website with the necessary systems in place to balance the need for full accessibility across the globe with the certainty that all information was secure and that all data gathered was reliable.

Our bragging is fair. Crush did good, really good.

But the guys we worked with at IPPF, did more under much tougher circumstances and, rather amazingly, stayed calm and brilliant throughout!

Immediate Interaction

Is was critical to the success of the IPPF change programme that all stakeholders were given full visibility of the progress and every opportunity to provide feedback.

The site content needed to be live and current to each day. Quick turnaround on all website updates was paramount to success along with the rapid development of survey platforms and results, all vital to maintain urgency and momentum. 

The only way to provide this level of just-in-support is to have a very understanding team at Crush!


IPPF held three surveys from August to November asking stakeholders what they thought about the current situation, options to improve the process and their preferred choices for change.

Given the unique nature of this process we chose to build a custom survey platform which ensured:

  • A high-quality user experience
  • Ease of use
  • Complete control over the survey environments
  • Professional and seamless design from the main website
  • Security by design
  • Data auditing

Data Analysis

It is one thing to collect data, another to bring it to life.

As a fully independent party we were able to understand, interpret and present the data without any prejudice.

We were told that the data collected and its presentation on such a quick turnaround was critical to the development and adoption of the final change programme.

Delegate Registration

Finally, once we thought it was all over IPPF asked us to help with the registration process for their General Assembly in Delhi. The concluding event to this huge undertaking.

The success of the website was central to this decision to trust Crush as it had been used and widely accepted by all the stakeholders as the centre piece to the change programme.

Once again reach and security were important making sure all the right people attended.

We developed a bespoke customer registration solution that combined uniquely generated key codes and tokens, a complex Mailchimp integration and bespoke authentication codes.

Over 90% of delegates used our online pre-registration for the event, which is possibly the best sign-up rate ever!