Time Flies in Busy Design and Web Agency

Time Flies in Busy Design and Web Agency

Success breeds success

We have started 2020 in fantastic fashion here at Crush. There are smiles on faces and a real buzz of effective ‘busy-ness’.

I have always felt that Crush does its best work when under pressure, perhaps we all do. Not too much pressure, and not too little pressure, a Goldilocks amount of pressure.

This sweet spot of creativity is brilliantly explained on a TED Talk recently by Adam Grant (That a look) and is something I aspire to achieve in offices of Crush!

What keeps an agency like Crush busy?

I sometimes get ask, what do you do?

I love and hate this question in equal measure because we do so much great work, and I love a good boast, but it is so varied and often complex range of work that I always feel I do my own agency a disservice.

So, rather than try to boast I have scanned through our project management software and listed some of the work the guys in the studio are doing right now to give you a flavour.

Currently in the studio the Design team are working on

  • A brand development job for a new AI start up
  • A website design for a large’ish manufacturer in the East Midlands
  • A new logo for a small retailer
  • The design and layout of technical document for an international sustainability company
  • An exhibition stand to design
  • An anniversary campaign design for an estate agent
  • A small advert for a equipment reseller

In the developers and digital corner, they are busy with

  • Database and directory build for local voluntary and NHS services
  • Analytical and optimisation of a leading FMGC brand
  • A new website for an energy company
  • A new quote comparison platform for a different energy company
  • Integration updates to a recruitment API and search
  • Updates to numerous website
  • An intranet
  • A white labelled supplier registration system
  • Interactive map and campaign for an international charity
  • Design of numerous HTML email
  • A data and DNS migration
  • The update and configuration of a new web server