Never let your blog get out of date

Never let your blog get out of date

For the umpteen years I have been running a design and digital agency I have been a scratched record about website updates. 

“Never let your website get out of date”

Well, its the naughty corner for me as the last post on our blog is FEBRUARY!

I have excuses, but they are just that. This ‘blip’ in our content marketing strategy may cost us heavily.

And here is why…

1. Client Fear

What have they been doing since February? Are they still in business? It has been a tough few months, are they coping?
The fact is, as a digital agency we have been incredibly busy, but the lack of posts is more likely to be judged as inactivity by those that do not know us.

2. Google Visits

Google does like a regularly updated website, it is an important for good rankings. So to stop adding content is telling Google ‘We’re on a break’, and in return Google will stop visiting as often.

3. Google Ranking

Digital marketing is booming during the Covid era. It was booming before, but now the number of people setting up as Search Marketing agencies is incredible (sadly there are too many charlatans amongst them). This all means that the competition for ranking on Google for search and digital marketing related keywords and ranking has never been higher. Not the time to take a break!