A Crush built online career platform is up for a National award

A Crush built online career platform is up for a National award

Staff engagement, development, and retention online for the NHS

Crush was approached by the local healthcare trust to help them better engage with all the staff they represent in the region.

The shortage of healthcare workers has been headlines, a problem of both recruitment and retention. Crush was commissioned to help reduce the loss of good quality and experienced staff away from the sector and the NHS.

The team at the healthcare trust were keen to reach out to all the healthworkers, engage with them and to support them in their careers.

Traditionally this support had been delivered through face-to-face meetings which, whilst effective on an individual-by-individual basis, was not practical for three reasons. Firstly, not all staff members were willing to take the time to interact with the team especially disgruntled ones, secondly, the scale of the NHS meant many staff members had no idea what career options were available to them to discuss in the first place, and finally there simply were not enough career advisers to do one-to-one meetings with every healthcare worker.

A new online career development platform

After an initial consultation, Crush recommended a web based careers platform, one that was easily accessible and easy to use.

Working closely with the health trust team Crush helped to plan a customer journey for staff that would allow them to express any issues, give them an opportunity to assess their current skills set, provide a visual pdf report on their skills, and then learn about the best career options for them.


“Engagement on the platform has been amazing.”

“People love using it and managers love being able to direct their colleagues towards it.”

Invaluable Data Insight to Staff Needs

In addition to helping the individual, the new digital career development platform anonymously captured data giving the careers management team invaluable insight across all the staff and the roles they represent.

We are pleased to report that the questionnaire has been a resounding success having gone viral amongst all the local healthcare workers Derbyshire. Engagement has been fantastic, far better than we could have hoped.


Crush were incredibly helpful from day one, helping the team at Joined Up Careers to develop a new career development platform.
Their expertise and advice was a critical part of delivering this unique platform, and their developers were able to deliver something way above and beyond what we expected.”

Mary Heritage, Assistant Director AHPs and Patient Experience at Derbyshire Community Health Services

“The career development tool is just one of the projects we have been working on together, but we think it has the potential to have the biggest impact. We have had feedback from students, local AHPs and even nationally how useful the tool has been since its launch, and our nursing colleagues tell us they need one too!”

Denise Baker, Interim Deputy Dean at the University of Derby