Clean slate

Clean slate

If we were a gym we’d be shouting at you to take action and sign-up with a free trial, to make 2022 ‘your year’.

I admire that level of belief and enthusiasm but I also know I would only last a week before I found some excuse or other.

It’s easy to keep giving your time and energy to something when you’re passionate about it. And to many, their business or career is their passion and livelihood all rolled into one. But we all have highs and lows and sustaining that level of commitment is tricky.

There are those that can self-motivate and there are those that need a kick up the bum every so often, or put more professionally, a little chat to reignite that passion.

January gives that lovely feeling of ‘new’. A clean diary and a natural instinct to look at things afresh. Harnessing that inspiring energy is something we always look forward to each January. A chance to put a little fire back in your belly.

So, this month you will mainly find us avoiding the gym and enjoying some creative time with clients instead.

Interested? It definitely won’t help with your waistline, but it might just give you the motivation you were looking for.

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