Shopify ecommerce website design Chesterfield

Shopify ecommerce website design Chesterfield


Over the many years Crush has been developing website we have had to follow the trends in technology to help our clients choose the best software solution or platform for their business. As we do not get paid by the software platforms we can be wholly independent about our decisions.

Shopify is a good option for Ecommerce in 2023

The decision on which platform changes depending on the progress each company. For a long time we preferred WordPress and its WooCommerce plugin because of the flexibility it give. However, Shopify has continued to improve its offer sufficiently to warrant our interest, so much so that it is now part of our recommended software panel.

The newly launched Snake Professional website is a great example of what can be done when Crush is given the challenge of creating a premium website in Shopify.

Premium website design

As a brand and design specialist Crush rarely works with ‘stack-high-and-sell-them-cheap’ type of client. These companies can be hugely successful, just think of Aldi or Sports Direct, but they are not suited to our studio at Crush.

Our skills are best put to use representing the best products on the market, the ‘you get what you pay for’ type of organisation.

Snake Professional is one of those companies, and they have to be as they sell the equipment needed to handle dangerous and venomous snakes, reptiles and other similar creatures (those that have been scratched by a domestic cat will know exactly what I am talking about!).

If their products are nothing but impeccable, people could get seriously hurt.

An improved brand needed for a growing business

As new and smaller companies start to enjoy success they often find that the brand and logo they started out with is holding them back. Snake Professional are fast become the leading brand for soft snake handling gloves in the world, and their full range of products has become a go-to for specialist keepers, zoo’s and the the like. However their old appearance does not reflect this new found status.

This type of project is perfect for Crush. Our brand and design team have a fantastic track record for developing company brands and images that can really propel them forward.

The delivered brand and website

Working closely with the client we designed an amazing looking website, one that would really impress their loyal customer base, making them stronger advocates of the brand. Our aim was for this audience to ‘want to own’ Snake Professional kit, because it looks as good as it functions.

The new brand and logo needed to work on every conceivable material and platform, as it would be on gloves, a website, packaging, posters and exhibition stands.

Can a Shopify website have a great design?

One of the reservations over the years was the flexibility of the Shopify front end to allow unique and bespoke website designs. Our clients’ need stand out, so having a new website that look like a standard Shopify Theme website was never going to be acceptable.

So why chose Shopify?

The ecommerce engine that they have built it excellent, and our developers know how hard seamless ecommerce websites are to build and maintain. If we could develop design in Shopify to ‘wow’ and have the Shopify ecommerce platform then we (and our client) were going to be win – win.

We think we have cracked the win – win, but will let you be the judge of that:

The problem with Shopify

Whilst we recommend Shopify to the client we were certain to point out the main potential issues.

  1. It is a rigid system that we have been able to mould into something special, but this rigidity may hamper future ambitions for the website
  2. Probably the biggest concern is you become very dependent on Shopify as the sole supplier to your website. Over time, and as you grow this can result in increasing and expensive fees.

At the end of the day, for this client, we are 100% happy with the advice we have given.

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