Re-branding a council is an incredible undertaking, in particular re-shaping and making significant improvements to the way in which the council communicates with residents. This 6 month project for Chesterfield Borough Council involved stakeholder consultations and workshops, along with the design development of a new corporate identity to better represent the forward-thinking nature of the council.

There was a strong desire to retain the red primary colour palette along with a representation of the famous crooked spire of the church of St Mary and All Saints, based at the heart of Chesterfield.

Clear and accessible typography was another key consideration for the logo mark, to ensure clear recognition for residents.

As residents of Chesterfield, it was particularly important we created a strong solution, and special attention was paid to future-proofing the design implementation. Along with the corporate identity, we developed a design system to ensure that communications could be refreshed and adapted so as not to look stale. 

An eye-catching secondary colour palette ensures that the various operations of the council can easily be differentiated. With Chesterfield Borough Council offering everything from housing to theatres, maintenance and sports centre’s, we aimed to create a brand guide which addressed these many services.


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