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The digital world has change everything in our own industry. The monolithic advertising agencies of the past are dying, and are being replace with a new breed of agile, integrated and digitally coordinated virtual agencies and networks.

Pimento was the first of these ‘virtual agencies’ and has grown to become one of the chief disruptors in the advertising sector winning many significant global advertising and marketing accounts.

Imagine both the fear and the delight when they asked Crush to design and build their new website!

As this new website will be scrutinised by our peers and competition, as well as the largest brands and best marketers in the world.

Quotes from the client

“Crush have been instrumental in rejuvenating our brand, challenging us on both design and content”

“The digital development our new site need to push the boundaries on web development, and we know they put in the extra time to make this work for us.”

“The end result being above our expectation.”

The Pimento Team

Strategic website design

The variation of work that Pimento can deliver is astonishing. They have some of the best creative and marketing minds in the UK in their networks as well as the most exciting digital entrepreneurs.  

Such a trail blazing and complex offering needed a brand to match. Understanding the client was vital, as was understanding their proposition as we needed them to make some big decisions.

To help the client choose the right language, key messages and emotional impact of a new brand we developed four different concepts that we believe would fit the future of the agency.

1. Leading the Revolution

Design Treatment: Bold dramatic typography only to tell the story

Values Presented: Confidence, energetic and challenging

2. Vive LA Revoultion!

Design Treatment: Genuine photography with eye catching colours and creative typography

Values Presented: Personable, modern and professional

3. New Agency Manifesto

Design Treatment: Geometric shapes, abstract patterns with texture

Values Presented: Challenging, confident and superior

4. Modern Movement

Design Treatment: Dynamic movement, unexpected elements with bold typography

Values Presented: Innovation, individuality and energy

The outcome was a combination of ideas, styles and words from concepts 2 and 3 with a bit of 4!

Pimento Agency Website

Animated Creative Website DEeign


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