Case Study

Chesterfield Council

Brand + Rollout

Before 2015, Chesterfield Council had a logo, not a brand identity. With very little in the way of useful collateral, they struggled to communicate the wide range of community-led programmes and the many ways they supported their constituents. Chesterfield Council needed a change in perception – both internally, for residents and externally, to attract visitors and advertise for investment. Crush worked closely with the Council to help them better showcase their varied cultural, historical and natural assets, and indeed, help them project their vision for a progress-driven, sustainably-focused town on the edge of the Peak District.

Chesterfield Council Print

Crush won the European tender process, giving us the rare opportunity to become an ambassador for our town and an active participant in ensuring its future.

Crush led consultations with local leaders, businesses and residents, that encouraged engagement and community feedback. The rebrand enabled a step-change in the way Chesterfield was perceived, both from at home and country wide. With a fresh strategy and a fully functioning brand identity, they were now in a position to act on their potential and thrive. Chesterfield Council has since secured millions in regeneration funding, ensuring the parks are kept beautiful, people are housed and town centre businesses thrive and the continued to operate profitably.

Key Deliverables
  • Rebrand
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity + system
  • Signage + wayfinding
  • Marketing materials
  • Livery
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines

From our director

“Winning the Chesterfield Council rebranding project was an incredibly proud moment for the Crush team. It’s truly special to have had the privilege of working on such a large project, so close to home. Even now, several years after the project’s completion, seeing our work throughout the town remains as impactful as ever -it really has stood the test of time.”

Natalie Burkinshaw, Founder and Director, Crush Design

Chesterfield Council Cover