Case Study


Brand Refresh + Website

Hawthorn Advisors are a PR agency who effectively tell stories and control narratives for their clients, but their own brand was lacking a creative thread and proposition that truly articulated their story. Crush helped make sense of their strategy and present a much more purposeful proposition – Reach, Engage, Impact Change. It was through the lens of a meaningful brand idea that we were able to successfully refresh the brand and give direction to a new website.

Hawthorn Website
Hawthorn Print
Hawthorn Tablet

Hawthorn requested an elegant, minimal website that would express personality and convey the complexities of their work.

We provided several creative options based on the new agreed strategic purpose – ‘To shape conversations and create ideas that deliver change’. Our solution revolved around very simple circle graphics that – when animated – helped demonstrate the abstract concepts of ‘Reach’, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Impacting Change’.

Key Deliverables

  • Logo refresh
  • Brand identity
  • Responsive website
  • Animated graphics

From our director

“The Hawthorn website was an exercise in clarifying and simplifying. We stripped everything back to pure essentials – and the result was a well-executed site with clear navigation and strong messaging.”

Natalie Burkinshaw, Founder and Director, Crush Design