Proud Sponsors of the all new Chesterfield Half Marathon 2017

The marathon is back!

And this time it is being organised and run by a new group of amazing people.
Marathons and half marathons can be such a great event for a town; improving health, town spirit and raising lots of money for charity, so the unsavoury news about the charity linked to the previous event was a real kick in the teeth for Chesterfield.

The great news is that this year the event is being backed by well established and local businesses; Redbrik, Ashgate Hospicecare and of course Crush Design. We also have HR Media as a sponsor, and whilst they are a wonderful bunch too, the are based in South Sheffield!

So sign up now: Chesterfield Half Marathon 2017 – the link is

As sponsors we all feel obliged to volunteer (though Jonathan has no choice) so expect a good showing from Crush Design.

And those from our office not doing the run can keep their jobs if they demonstrate a suitable amount of support on the day and fully embrace what we expect to be a real carnival event.