• We are recruiting – PHP and WordPress Developers

    Our staff retention at Crush Design has been excellent, especially if you compare it to the Agency sector average.

    However, after five years one of our developers believes (quite incorrectly) that the grass may be greener elsewhere.

    This tragedy happened shortly after we had already made the decision to expand the developer team with another junior. So now I have two position to fill!

    • a senior and a junior developer
    • would consider two middle weights

    There is no mad rush as the development work schedule is manageable, plus getting the right people is vital as we want them to stay for five years at the very least!

    So who is right for us, and who are we right for?

    • PHP is the language of choice. Lots of knowledge and experience for the senior, some experience but evidence of enthusiasm and eagerness more important for the junior role
    • Full’ish stack for the seniors, though more emphasis on front end skills
    • Front End more important for juniors to start
    • Knowledge of WordPress and Laravel would be good (Magento knowledge would be awesome but not a requirement)
    • Friendly, because the team you are joining is and we want a positive working environment
    • Hard working, because we are a popular agency with more opportunies than we can manage
    • But not just fast work as pixel perfect quality is important

    In terms of the work we do, it is varied both in terms of the clients we work for and the projects we get.

    Never a dull moment!

    If you are interested please get in touch, we would love to hear from you:

    More information on the job role: Developer Jobs

    Agencies – Aiming not to use an agency, though chances are you have already contacted me as I ran an advert on Indeed and Linked In. If you want to chance you arm send anonymised CV of local and relevant candidates with your required commission rate. All other contact will be ignored / avoided. Sorry.

  • Its snowing, everyone panic! Crush team calmly works from home

    Its snowing, everyone panic! Crush team calmly works from home

    Quite some weather we are having at the moment!

    Just to be on the safe side we have let our team work from home today.

    Whilst there will be someone in the office, the emphasis is on ‘one’, so the phone may not be answered promptly today.., or at all.

    Apologies if that happens to you.

    Do call me on 0778 623 7314 if it is urgent.


    And here is a shout out for the Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash

  • Proud Sponsors of the all new Chesterfield Half Marathon 2017

    The marathon is back!

    And this time it is being organised and run by a new group of amazing people.
    Marathons and half marathons can be such a great event for a town; improving health, town spirit and raising lots of money for charity, so the unsavoury news about the charity linked to the previous event was a real kick in the teeth for Chesterfield.

    The great news is that this year the event is being backed by well established and local businesses; Redbrik, Ashgate Hospicecare and of course Crush Design. We also have HR Media as a sponsor, and whilst they are a wonderful bunch too, the are based in South Sheffield!

    So sign up now: Chesterfield Half Marathon 2017 – the link is

    As sponsors we all feel obliged to volunteer (though Jonathan has no choice) so expect a good showing from Crush Design.

    And those from our office not doing the run can keep their jobs if they demonstrate a suitable amount of support on the day and fully embrace what we expect to be a real carnival event.

  • Crush Design is Recruiting Account Managers!

    At Crush Design we continue on our path of careful organic growth. Our approach is simple, win good quality clients and look after them.

    Now we are looking for individuals who can help us with the looking after clients.

    Over the year we hope to hire two account managers to help us manage our client’s workload; one to specialise in design, print and exhibitions; the other to support the digital marketing effort through website development, search marketing and content marketing.

    In either role you will be dealing with our cherished clients so that means you have to have good communication skills and, most important, know what you are talking about.

    The one thing we loath at Crush Design is a blagger. Our client’s get the best advice even if that does not make us money, and we strive to hit deadlines and expectations.

    Help us do that and you will be joining an agency with a fantastic client base, a fantastic reputation and a fantastic future.


    Role 1 – Full Service Agency Account Manager

    The most important elements of the job

    • Design to Print knowledge vital – experience of  working with a design team to help brief in design work and developing through to artwork. Then organising print quotes, run and delivery
    • Taking design briefs – extracting a clear brief from the client for the studio to work from
    • Client management – making sure you are on top of all their needs
    • Job flow management – Crush Design is always busy and it  will be your job to organise your projects to hit deadlines


    Growing the role

    • Help promote Crush Design and win new clients
    • Develop clients
    • Plan integrated marketing activity with the digital team


    More details can be found on the Agency Account Manager Page

    Role 2 – Digital Executive / Account Manager

    The most important elements of the job

    • Website updates, content marketing, SEO – working with client to make sure their website are performing
    • PPC campaigns – a potential area of growth for Crush Design, managing PPC campaigns across all relevent platforms
    • Website development – proposing and taking briefs to  improve / rebuild client websites.


    Growing the role

    • Help promote Crush Design and win new clients
    • Develop clients
    • Plan integrated marketing activity with the print team


    More details can be found on the Digital Executive / Account Manager page

  • Is the Future of Chesterfield Digital Industry Bright?

    Crush Design and Creative Marketing Limited has been established in the centre of Chesterfield for about 7 years now. During that time I have kept a close eye on how the digital sector has been developing in the town.

    Earlier this year the Government released a very comprehensive report that they called ‘Tech Nation’ which looked to assess and then help plot the future of technology in the UK.

    Some of the headlines include:
    – 1.56 million people are employed in digital tech roles
    – On average 2.8 digital jobs are created for every 1 non-digital role
    – The digital tech industries grew 32% faster than everyone else

    Click here to see the full report.

    It is clear that the future success of any local economy will be digital, but is Chesterfield keeping up? Will the local community, which suffers from high rates of unemployment, benefit from this growth?

    Crush Design is a perfect examples of this growth as our success have resulted in 6, and soon to be 7 new jobs being created. But there are challenges that we could do with some help to overcome.

    A quality digital service

    But I worry that not enough is being done.

    I would be interested to hear what you think?
    And why is the East Midlands so under represented?

    Chesterfield digital economy

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