Sharing our love for local: Celebrate Chesterfield 2024

Sharing our love for local: Celebrate Chesterfield 2024


As a Chesterfield-based creative design and marketing agency, we’re extremely proud of our roots and sustain a strong belief in supporting our region’s businesses.

Today, we’re celebrating our home town of Chesterfield and shining a light on this week’s Celebrate Chesterfield 2024 event, for which we’re proud to have designed this year’s Annual Review; a Storybook which features the past years’ developments and success stories.

About Celebrate Chesterfield

Organised by Destination Chesterfield, Celebrate Chesterfield is an annual networking conference where over 250 businesses from Chesterfield and the surrounding areas come together in the aims of promoting the town as a place in which to invest, work, live and visit. 

First established over a decade ago, the event is an incredible asset to our home here in Chesterfield. It’s not just about businesses networking, but about establishing partnerships and pride within the community – a rarity for many other councils and regions.

Why is it so important to support local businesses?

As founding members of the Chesterfield Champions initative, from which the Celebrate Chesterfield event was founded, this is an occasion we truly value here at Crush. 

It’s well known that the independent businesses of the UK (and western world as a whole) are constantly being undercut and forced out of their industries by larger corporations. In the midst of rising environmental and sustainability concerns, adopting a more local approach to shopping has become increasingly popular. It seems that a business that consumers can connect with and actually trust, is becoming a lot more attractive than a business that puts sales above satisfaction.  

Within the agency-side of the marketing, design and digital industry, this is true, too. Local businesses can often be undermined and unappreciated, with big-city agencies instead looking to big-name clients and ignoring the independent business owners in need.

Crush as a Chesterfield Champion

That, essentially, is why Crush became a founding member of the Chesterfield Champion Campaign. In doing so, we pledge our support for Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, adopting a belief of Global Reach, Local Love that encompasses our values. 

Amongst 200+ other Champions, we immerse ourselves within the network of Chesterfield, helping to improve the prosperity of our community’s economy, support and investment. We’re thankful to have access to such an inspiring initiative, and hope to see the Celebrate Chesterfield events continue to thrive for many more years to come.